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Retro and New Chelsea Shirts

Chelsea have had some great successes over the years. Older victories include their League Cup win in 1965 and their FA Cup win in 1970. More recent wins include their FA Cup and Premiere League double win during the 2009/2010 season. The fans who remember the older victories or were there to support their team during them may want a souvenir or shirt to reminisce. This is where retro Chelsea shirts come in.

However, there are still newer fans of the team who want to purchase each season’s new shirt or kit when it arrives. Here are some advantages of owning retro Chelsea shirts and new Chelsea shirts.

New Chelsea Shirts

The latest Chelsea shirt from the 2011/2012 season is manufactured by Adidas. They have been sponsored by Samsung since 2006 therefore the Samsung name is emblazoned across the front. The newest kit is dark blue with light blue stripes. Adidas have embroidered their white stripes along the sides of the sleeves.

There are also shorts to match which can be purchased as part of the kit. There is also the option to buy the newest goalkeeper shirt which is white with black Adidas stripes on the sleeves. There are matching white and black shorts for those who want the whole kit.

You can choose your own personalised kit and have your own name on the back or even choose your favourite Chelsea player and have their name and number embroidered into the back.

Another bonus would be to purchase a signed Chelsea shirt. This is a great piece of memorabilia for yourself to keep, to pass onto your children or to sell to future generations of fans. It is also a great sentimental gift to give to another Chelsea fan.

Retro Shirts

Why not go for one of their more unusual and obscure shirts? The away shirt from 1980 was designed in yellow with green trim. They also had lots of shirts before sponsorship deals were set in motion including the 1963 home shirt, which was plain blue, and the 1982 third shirt which was plain white with red and blue trim around the neck.

One of the most popular Chelsea shirts is the shirt sponsored by Coors beer in 1995. Instead of the usual Umbro design etched into the background in blue, it had the initials CFC for Chelsea Football Club. It also had the addition of yellow trim around the neck, club badge and on the Umbro symbol.

Why not take a look at some retro Chelsea shirts with the name of your favourite player from the past on them? This is a great way of honouring past players or just leave the shirt blank and honour the whole team. You could even honour a time period where the team had several victories such as the 1971/1972 season or the 2009/2010 season.

Whatever shirt you choose, new or old, you can show your support for Chelsea by wearing it to their matches.

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