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Buying Chelsea Shirts

There are a variety of shirts, kits and other clothing that you may purchase with the Chelsea colours on them. Whether it is a brand new shirt for the season you are looking for or something signed for a friend, Chelsea provide everything to help you support your favourite team. Here are some of the different types of shirt and clothing you can buy.

Home Chelsea Shirts

The home shirt is often a fan favourite and since the team was formed, blue has been the main feature of the shirt making it iconic and memorable as the Chelsea shirt. The 2011/2012 season shirt is also blue but with lighter blue stripes running across the chest making it look slightly different, designed by Adidas, the shirt also has white stripes on the sleeves representing their manufacturer and the name of their sponsor, Samsung, across the front with the club badge.

Away Chelsea Shirts

Chelsea away kits have gotten a lot more straightforward in recent years in terms of their design and colours. They used to be unrecognisable as Chelsea shirts as they had a tendency not to stick with one colour scheme in the past. The newest away shirt for the 2011/2012 season is plain white with black Adidas stripes on the sleeves. There are short to match and white socks for those who want the full kit.

Keeper’s Kit

This season’s Chelsea goalkeeper kit is white with black trim and black Adidas stripes on the sleeves. Last season’s goalkeeper shirt is a great choice for kids who are out playing football as it is luminous yellow. There are black short to match this shirt and white to match this season’s shirt.

Retro Chelsea Shirts

Choose a retro Chelsea shirt from your favourite player’s era such as the 1976 shirt worn by Ray Wilkins or the 1984 shirt worn by the second highest goal scorer for Chelsea, Kerry Dixon. Celebrate their past victories like the FA Cup win in 1970 with the shirt worn by the team at the time. Retro Chelsea shirts are a great keepsake and they are also slightly less expensive than the newer versions.

Signed Chelsea Shirts

A signed Chelsea shirt is a great buy. It can be a fantastic keepsake for yourself and your family or it can be given as a gift for another Chelsea fan. The signed shirt represents the players’ gratitude at having you as a Chelsea fan and can be very valuable in the future. These shirts are the retro shirts of tomorrow.

Other Clothing

You may wish to stick with the traditional loose fitting shirt worn by the players or women may like to choose the tighter fitting ladies shirt. There are also kits for children as well as regular t-shirts in the Chelsea colours. Make it more personal by having your own name and lucky number on the back or even pick your favourite player’s name and number and represent them. Choose from the home or away kit or even the goalkeeper’s kit and enjoy celebrating Chelsea’s future victories.

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